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Jun. 16th, 2003 @ 01:56 pm Access to Translation Tool
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blue absflower
Date:July 1st, 2003 01:51 am (UTC)
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My point is (I'll keep this in English) that in normal everyday Dutch, English phrases are used, especially amongst young people. To translate every word just because it needs to be translated doesn't make any sense. It ruins the flow and it makes it harder to understand which isn't necessary. Sometimes it's better to come up with a translation that isn't litteral but does make sense in every day spoken language.
Anyway I wasn't solliciting for a translation job, I just wanted to make this point. If you all feel the need to translate everything litterally than that is fine by me.
To end on a happy note: some translations are excellent. I've read a few in other sections and they do make sense.

Controleer spelling bij voorbeeld (op dit moment altijd met Engels woordenboek)
Let op! De gebruiker heeft de optie ingeschakeld dat je IP adres bijhoudt wanneer je een bericht achterlaat.

(I just noticed this underneath the reply box. I think it proves my point, this isn't Dutch it's jibberish).
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Date:July 12th, 2003 07:55 am (UTC)
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I agree with
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I agree with <lj-user="yourhigness">. It looks like someone just grabbed a dictionary and translated each English word literally into the Dutch word.

I'd also like to help you translate. I'm a Dutch native speaker and I used to be in a bi-lingual school. So, if you need someone: tell me what to do, I'll translate it for you. My e-mailaddress is regenelfje@hotmail.com.